Whatever went away, I’ll get it over now

I’ll get money, I’ll get funny again…

Walk away now and you’re gonna start a war

(Start A War, The National)

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Whatever went away, I’ll get it over now

I’ll get money, I’ll get funny again…

Walk away now and you’re gonna start a war

(Start A War, The National)

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A little WIP of Hawke… having a lot of repressed feelings… presumably when he thinks no one can see him. oh bb

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Anders/Hawke ficlet, AKA can you tell that long-suffering doctor!Anders is my fav?

Anders woke up to the thin light of dawn already starting  to seep in through the high bedroom windows. He groaned and pushed his face against Hawke’s side to block the light out, wriggling a little closer to him under the covers.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Hawke said drowsily, his hand coming down to rest on the back of Anders’ neck.  

“Nrgh,” Anders said. He felt like he’d only barely gotten to shut his eyes; he wasn’t sure he was ready to face consciousness yet. “What time is it?”

Hawke glanced at the window and squinted thoughtfully. “Too early?” he suggested. Since anything short of mid-day tended to be ‘too early’ for him, Anders decided to take that with a pinch of salt.

“I have to get some work done in the clinic today,” he said vaguely.


“Mhm.” The practical implications of this - that he’d have to get up, for starters - seemed highly elusive, however. Between the calm, steady beats of Hawke’s heart under his ear and the comfortable weight of sleep still anchoring his body to the bed, the logical thing should be to pass right out again. He really wished he had a better track record with logic.

He stayed there for a little longer, half-dozing against the warmth of Hawke’s body, before he finally managed to tear himself away.

“I should get to it,” he said, placing a peck to Hawke’s shoulder before sitting up.

“You did stumble in pretty late last night,” Hawke said. “Maybe you should take it easy today.”

“No,” he said, swinging his legs out over the edge of the bed and rubbing at his face, “no, there are some things I have to take care of.”

“And all of it is important enough that you have to get up with the cows to deal with it?”

“Well, since I’ve recently spent most of my days running around the Wounded Coast while you try to hold the map the right way up - ouch - “ Hawke prodded him in the back with his foot, “things tend to pile up.”

“That was once,” Hawke protested, as Anders got up and tracked down one of his socks so he wouldn’t be standing barefoot on the cold stone floor. “And I seem to remember that you weren’t exactly making yourself helpful at the time.”

Anders shrugged. “I don’t know, watching Aveline’s face grow ever redder somehow seemed more satisfying.”

“And you wonder why she doesn’t adore you.”

“I thought it was just her bright and bubbly personality shining through. Anyway, there are some people coming in today. A lot of people, come to think about it,” he added, feeling ever so slightly discouraged as he did the mental headcount. He’d be at it all day.

“Anyone I know?” Hawke had struck up quite the repartee with some of the patients at the clinic - it must be the only place in the city where he felt safe from people hurling party invitations at the Champion of Kirkwall. Even if the people of Darktown had known he was the Champion, they were mostly too busy worrying about where the next meal was coming from to care about much else.

“Well, there’s Herman. His daughter’s taking him. Again.

“The same Herman as last time?”

“Yes. As well as the seven times before that,” he sighed. “I’m starting to think his peculiar… skin condition is just an immutable fact of the universe. I keep telling him that if he’d deign to take a bath maybe, oh, once a year he wouldn’t get these problems, but he just calls me a hack and claims washing opens the pores to ‘unhealthy airs’.”

“I don’t know, that sounds pretty medicinally sound to me,” Hawke said unsympathetically, stretching under the covers. “In a totally crazy and unfounded way, I mean.”

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ahahaha 90% of my worst nightmares - the ones that actually have me screaming as I wake up - are about being back in school

I always think I can’t have hated it that much, but yeah I kind of did

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I started playing Assassin’s Creed 3 because it’s the only one in the franchise I can borrow from the library and I fell in love with Haytham Kenway before I even knew wtf a templar was and now my life is an unending hell

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oh oh no Zevran sort of implying he wants kids one day in a banter with Shale

my heart just exploded or shattered or IDK

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To celebrate deciding what race my first Inquisitor is going to be (hello, the Cadashes are a crime family, do you know how many lame mafia jokes I’m stocking up on), I decided to make sure my Bioware Gals were all distinct and easily distinguishable! 

Shepard looks more like a goofy soccer mom every time I draw her, god bless. 

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Reblog with info about your Warden and Hawke that you plan to import into Inquisition through the Keep


First Name: Sophia
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: Magi (Amell)
Class: Mage (Arcane Warrior, Spirit Healer)
Romance: Alistair
3 Personality Traits: Clever, genial, driven (later also very very angry)


First Name: Garrett (j/k I know I know I put a coin in the boring jar just now)
Gender: Male
Class: Two-handed Warrior 
Romance: Wobbling a bit between no romance and Anders friendmance - the difference between asexual/aromantic Hawke and demisexual Hawke, I can roll with either
3 Personality Traits: Guarded, ~*highly droll*~, protective

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