My main Bioware protagonists! From top to bottom:

- Joanna Shepard, Colonist, War Hero, glowing a gentle Paragon blue. Hopefully wakes every day to a turian beside her and a whole bunch of adopted kids from all around the galaxy jumping happily in her bed. She’s earned it.

- Sophia Amell, Circle Mage and Commander of the Grey. Surprisingly smooth for someone who grew up overwhelmingly surrounded by bearded old men in dresses. Totally licks one specific lamp post with some regularity, winter or no. 

- Garrett Hawke, Champion of Kirkwall and token boy. Has an excellent sense of dramatic timing - oh, and good hair. Not so secretly my favourite child.

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I played the first four episodes of The Walking Dead this weekend and I don’t think that’s how Telltale meant for it to be experienced, because right now the darkness induced apathy is so strong in me I can barely bring myself to finish episode five

this fucking game is just going to kill everyone, isn’t it? Maybe Clem pulls through, but everyone else is toast. I am wise to your ways now, game, I know there is only pain in my future. This is like a fucking razor-lined revolving door of emotional attachment 

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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

  1. NAMCO - Katamari on the Rocks
  2. Ludo - Rotten Town
  3. Jay Z & Kanye West - No Church In The Wild
  4. Daft Punk - Something About Us
  5. BioShock Infinite Soundtrack - The Battle for Columbia I
  6. Gorillaz - DARE
  7. Daft Punk - Derezzed
  8. Dylan Vasey vs. Hifi Banjo Strings - OMG The One Who Changed The Way I Love (it’s just not a music meme without one mash-up, I guess)
  9. Gossip - For Keeps
  10. Fight Like Apes - I’m Beginning To Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210 To Me 

If you wanna do it, do it.

I just tried this and I literally got nine Tom Waits songs and one track from a Discworld audiobook

this is, indeed, all you ever need to know about me

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So in the proving grounds in Orzammar there’s a (very enthusiastic) proving fan named ‘Varrick’, and in the Witch Hunt DLC there’s a old letter signed by a shaper named ‘Warrek’, which has me thinking - how cute would it be if Varric’s name is basically the dwarven equivalent of ‘Tom’ or ‘John’ or something

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It just occurred to me that since Varric’s interrogation takes place in the Hawke estate, presumably Cassandra would have searched the place top to bottom before they let him in there

and now I’m dying because just imagine her walking around looking for serious evidence and instead she finds the cheerful obscenities Isabela carved into the stairwell, why are there handprints on the chandelier, how does the Champion of Kirkwall have ‘101 Things You Can Do With A Phallic Tuber’ in his bookcase, are you telling me this guy lived here for SEVEN YEARS and he still hasn’t got any curtains

and then someone screams from the kitchen because as it turns out Sandal had been keeping a secret nest of salamanders in between the pots and pans in there and one has latched itself onto someone’s nose 

and it’s only the beginning of Cassandra’s no good, very bad night

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The first Bioware game I ever played - not knowing what the hell a ‘Bioware game’ even entailed - was Jade Empire. My copy of Jade Empire was hopelessly, almost comically bugged. It would freeze during most important cut scenes, the graphics would suddenly go all wonky, sometimes the times I had to reload before a scene went through reached the fifty mark. And I played that game start to finish THREE TIMES. I fucking loved it. I wanted all of it. I had no idea that lo, out there there was more and it was going to swallow up all my free time in seven years time, leaving me quietly cooing over turians. 

If you imagine twelve year old me restarting her X-Box for THE FORTIETH TIME to get through that scene where you meet Sagacious Zu in his fucking swamp of hermitude or whatever, you’ll realize why I was such a fool when I thought ‘but hey I could just play games casually, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of my time’ when I bought a used X-Box 360 this March. 

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bye zevran we’ll see you in the next dragon age game

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In-depth Dragon Age Ask Meme


I just kind of… skipped the ask part of the ask meme. I have too many DA feels, okay. I need to let some out.

ORIGINS: The Warden

  1. Character names, appearance and respective origins. (Backstory and more elaboration on their personal origin is optional)

Sophia Amell. Dark skinned (with no real evidence in canon I like to imagine that the Amells have some Rivani blood in them, so I also think of Hawke as darker than the default), auburn hair in that same weird ponytail-that-isn’t-trying-hard-enough hairdo as Wynne, with a narrow, almost childish face. I know you can’t vary the body shapes, but in my head she’s short - pretty much a head shorter than anyone who isn’t a dwarf - and petite in the way of someone who has been able to lift anything she’d like with her mind since she was a kid.  

Having lived most of her life in the Circle, she barely remembers her mother and is only vaguely aware that she may have siblings. She’s still definitely an Amell, though - in my personal canon I love the idea of a family of snarky dorks inadvertently changing the fate of the world  now and then just by being in the wrong/right place at the right/wrong time - like there’s nothing really special about them, there’s not a drop of royal blood in there, just a tendency towards magic and the kind of so-sharp-you’ll-cut-yourself cleverness that isn’t actually all that useful, and they attract ~*destiny*~ like karmic sponges.Sshh just let me have this.

A visual aid: she looks something like this:


dorking around on laundry day with the boyfriend <3

  1. Class?

Spirit healer plus eh I don’t really remember right now but I’m a mage so it’s awesome no matter what


  1. What’s their personality like?

Imagine a slightly mellower Snarky Hawke with a strong intellect but very limited experience with the real world. (You won’t believe how much fun I had trying to match them up. Dem Amells.) She’s also surprisingly unsentimental, cheerfully atheist and has a slightly sinister knack for compartmentalization that let her thrive in the weird and contradictory community that is the Circle of Magi. She’s been telling authority figures with enormous power over her fate what they want to hear for most of her life; her default approach to social interaction is pretty manipulative. (She gets along famously with Wynne, as you can imagine) The only time the mask cracks is during the Search for the Sacred Ashes, when the ghost of Jowan asks if she regrets snitching on him - there’s definitely something darker and stranger under there when she tells him that those things are hers and hers alone. (Where my Hawke is sad under the humour, my Warden is unsettling and stark)

I really loved the point Anders makes in DA2 about how the Circles treats mages like children their entire lives, so I also tried to give her a slightly childish streak - she latches on to reasonable authority figures as parental substitutes very quickly, and sometimes she covers up her uncertainties with bravado, five-year-old style.

I wanted to think through what growing up to succeed in the Circle would do to someone when I played her; it was a lot of fun. I imagine she feels a certain amount of… bewilderment mixed with scorn, maybe, for Jowan, who never had her ability to play the game and she just doesn’t get why he’s being stupid about it, because it comes naturally to her. By inference you could safely say she’d feel the same way about Anders’ escape artist stunts while they’re both in the circle - it doesn’t change anything in the long run, and just makes sure the other mages are hardly let outside anymore. Genuinely friendly but not necessarily nice, in other words.

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Please, consider the following…


  • Old God Baby with Alistair as the father.
  • OGB with Alistair as the father who grows up to take after Alistair more than Morrigan.
  • OGB making awkward, self-deprecating jokes around cute village girls/boys until Morrigan catches him at it and gives him a lecture on the proper application of sarcasm.
  • "Wit is a weapon, not a shield. If you aren’t using it to cut, then don’t use it at all.”
  • "And you’re rambling again, what have I said about rambling?"
  • OGB just wanting to shapeshift into cute, friendly things like rabbits and Labradors.
  • OGB hiding behind Morrigan’s skirt when he’s little.
  • "But, mooooom, I don’t want to have a grand and terrible destiny and change the shape of reality as we know it! I’d rather…just …sing!
  • OGB being a follower and a good guy like his dad instead of being some super-cool, pseudo-evil badass. <3
  • OGB being a follower and a good guy like his dad AS WELL AS being a super-cool badass (but that badassery only comes out sometimes, and most of the time he’s a big ol’ softie) <3<3<3
  • Morrigan’s reaction to OGB becoming more and more like Alistair as he gets older.
  • "What did I ever do to deserve this?"
  • "Oh… right."
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