Just something to give you guys some sweet nightmares.


My father’s sister moved to Norway and had a (small) pile of kids. When I was a kid she sent us the English translation of the Moomintroll books. 

They are so amazing. I once read a description of them as “like Winnie-the-Pooh but anarchist” and it’s sort of true. They are so perfect, these books.

And the Groke is maybe the scariest thing, because she’s not evil at all, or cruel, but she’s not particularly sympathetic either, just inexorable. There’s a phenomenal illustration of her in one of the books that I’ve always loved.

ahaaaa right in the childhood

isn’t this the episode where little my gets turned into ice by the queen of winter too? no wonder I’m fucked up

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ahahaha 90% of my worst nightmares - the ones that actually have me screaming as I wake up - are about being back in school

I always think I can’t have hated it that much, but yeah I kind of did

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I started playing Assassin’s Creed 3 because it’s the only one in the franchise I can borrow from the library and I fell in love with Haytham Kenway before I even knew wtf a templar was and now my life is an unending hell

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oh oh no Zevran sort of implying he wants kids one day in a banter with Shale

my heart just exploded or shattered or IDK

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To celebrate deciding what race my first Inquisitor is going to be (hello, the Cadashes are a crime family, do you know how many lame mafia jokes I’m stocking up on), I decided to make sure my Bioware Gals were all distinct and easily distinguishable! 

Shepard looks more like a goofy soccer mom every time I draw her, god bless. 

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Reblog with info about your Warden and Hawke that you plan to import into Inquisition through the Keep


First Name: Sophia
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: Magi (Amell)
Class: Mage (Arcane Warrior, Spirit Healer)
Romance: Alistair
3 Personality Traits: Clever, genial, driven (later also very very angry)


First Name: Garrett (j/k I know I know I put a coin in the boring jar just now)
Gender: Male
Class: Two-handed Warrior 
Romance: Wobbling a bit between no romance and Anders friendmance - the difference between asexual/aromantic Hawke and demisexual Hawke, I can roll with either
3 Personality Traits: Guarded, ~*highly droll*~, protective

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